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The Famous Fourth Street Cookie Company is dedicated to one thing and one thing only:

Baking the most delicious cookies that you can find outside of your mother's own kitchen. Our award-winning and nationally recognized cookies are made from the same family recipe we have been using for the past 25 years. Our cookies are always baked and shipped on the same day for the utmost freshness. We use the finest premium ingredients and we use no preservatives or chemical additives of any kind.

It all started with a classic Chocolate Chip cookie so thick, moist, chewy and packed with chocolate chips that people couldn't stop talking about them. We've been featured in Philadelphia Magazine and in Every Day with Rachael Ray. Now, we proudly offer a dozen varieties, from the sublime Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie to the sinful Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie to the playful Snickerdoodle cookie.

Our cookies make a great treat for your family, and they make great gifts for any purpose or occasion. From "Congratulations" to "Feel Better", "I'm Sorry", our cookies make each message that much sweeter.

We also believe in mixing things up, so we let you order our cookies in four different sizes (a box of 12 or trays of 24, 36 or 50) and even create your own Custom Cookie Assortment with up to four different varieties in a single package. Each tray of our decadent cookies comes with bite-size Hershey's chocolates with almonds for an extra treat.

We can talk about our cookies and the care and pride we bake into each one all day, but there's no substitute for tasting the real thing. Choose your favorite cookie and see what it tastes like to be famous!

We are ready for Pickups at our new bakery at 4177 Ridge Avenue. For same day courier service call us at (215) 625-9870. Thank you!